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April 22, 2012 / tlsomm

The Value of Socializing

We tend not to entertain at our house too often.  I have a high standard of what the house should look like to our guests – some sort of  hybrid between Martha Stewart and a Montessori school.  Of course we don’t actually live day-to-day in that standard, so therefore I don’t invite people over.  However, a Dad in the neighborhood was nice enough to help us move a large something or other and so we decided to have the family over for dinner.

Today was the day.  All week I put off little things that I could have done to get the house ready.  But really, let’s face it; I live with a toddler that turns the house into a tornado within a few hours.  I really enjoyed having the Mom, Dad, and their almost 2 year old son come by, but I literally spent all day prepping – last minute grocery shopping, mad rush to clean up the house to make it presentable, and lots of meal prep.

What am I left with at the end of the day?

  • Compliments on my cooking
  • A clean, orderly house
  • An adorable photo of the toddlers giving each other a goodbye hug, albeit very blurry as toddlers never slow down long enough for a crisp photo.
  • A feeling of well-being after connecting with other parents.
  • Some great local, organic apple butter and a set of toddler’s gardening tools offered as a hostess gift.

Ok, so it wasn’t so bad.  Maybe we should try it again sometime.



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