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April 23, 2012 / tlsomm

More Friends?

Hectic Playdate


What a morning we had!  I thought to invite two mama friends and their 2 year old sons over for a playdate today and told a very excited N some friends were coming over to play.  These friends were frequent visitors last summer when we had “porch parties” in my backyard.  The mamas were able to sit and chat while the kiddos played in the grass, the sandbox, and just enjoyed the outdoors.   It was almost like those tv commercials where the moms enjoy a glass of wine and generally look relaxed and loving life.

If that is what I expected today, then I was horribly wrong!

Two factors contributed to the not so relaxing morning:  1- some rainy weather kept us cooped up indoors and 2-the kiddos are now two and asserting their personalities quite a bit more.  There were some toy fights, some screaming, some crying, baskets of toys dumped all over the place, and even a bit of hitting sprinkled around for kicks.

A bit of a wake up call for me, but we survived, kept calm, and may even have enjoyed ourselves.  N was disappointed when they had to leave and her first words were “More friends”?


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