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May 1, 2012 / tlsomm

Got Smelly?

I’ve always loved gardening, but I’m more of a vegetable/herb grower than flowers.  Flowers generally serve no practical purpose other than to look pretty, typically blooming only for a few weeks then just foliage.  Vegetables and herbs, on the other hand, are bountiful all season long.  I can head out to the garden not knowing what to make for dinner and head back to the kitchen armed with an idea and the means to make a lovely meal.

I also have a love affair with fragrant plants, which is why herbs are so present in my garden.  Last year I turned a boring flower bed into the herb equivalent of grand central station.  I bought many varieties, some for cooking, some medicinal, some for tea, and the results filled me with joy.  If I needed a quick pick-me-up I took a stroll to the herb bed and started smelling leaves.  Spicy Thai basil, soothing lavender, fresh lemon balm, bitter arugula… a feast for your nose.

Its full-blown spring here and some of the perennial herbs are shooting up and leafing out, so during my inspection earlier this week I broke off a stem of lemon balm and gave it a good whiff.  I shared it with Nora hoping to instill a love of smells in her as well, and it seems to have worked.  This afternoon she broke off her own leaf and offered it to me.  Or perhaps she’s just imitating me!

Now I just have to keep her from ripping out the plant entirely.  Got any tips to share?



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  1. Sleeping Mom / May 4 2012 5:05 pm

    I’m with you about preferring vegetable and herb gardens over flowers. I love flowers and everything, but nothing beats practicality ;) Not to say that I’m a pro at gardening; my last few attempts have been dismal to say the least, but my recent venture has been going well so far! My toddler and I planted carrot seeds in a huge pot and they’re growing quite nicely! I’m so excited to pull them out and cook with them. It’ll be carrot week for sure!

    • tlsomm / May 7 2012 2:26 pm

      We love carrots as well! Its best to do a successive planting of them over a few weeks to avoid having to make carrot soup with roasted carrots on the side. Good luck!

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